TRUE. TALK. DOCS. are small videos that tackle big emotions. 
Founded by Award-Winning filmmaker, Mary Gerretsen—whose stories aim to find joy and hope even in the most tragic sides of humanity—each doc highlights people doing something they love—painting, skating, singing, cooking—as they reveal the hardest moments in their lives surrounding circumstances we don’t talk about freely, like death, homelessness, divorce, suicidal ideation, missed opportunities, destructive habits, radical politics and racism. 
This series brings awareness to those things we bury deep or hide from others (especially on social media), while highlighting those achievements that we feel more comfortable sharing. 
People are complex. The world is complicated. And too often we are made to feel isolated in our pain, only celebrated in our joy.
TRUE. TALK. DOCS. is a series that shows: while we all carry our individual burdens, we don’t have to do so alone. 
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Season 2 coming 2021!